Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that no two jobs are the same and that customers will have questions. We have done our best to list some of the most common questions and answers below.

  • Do I need to be in for you to clean my windows ?

    No if you have asked for a regular cleaner will come around when they are due to be cleaned and leave you a receipt to let you know they have been cleaned.

  • What if I am not in and my gates are locked ?

    With most houses we can manage to get into the back with the use of our ladders if you would prefer is not to climb over when you are not in just let us know and we will make a note only to do the front of the house if you are not there to open the gate.

  • How will I know you have cleaned my windows ?

    Hopefully you should be able to tell when you look at your windows but just to be sure we will leave you a receipt with all the details on it.

  • How do I pay ?

    Our preferred methods of payment are cash at the time of cleaning or through our website. If these methods don't suit you can send us a cheque or do a bank transfer some customers like to leave us money out in places only we will know about or only we can get to like up stairs window sills etc just let us know and we can make a note of this.

  • I didn't get a chance to pay you this time will my windows still be cleaned next time ?

    Yes we will clean your windows up to three times without payment after that we will not clean them until we receive payment then start cleaning them again.

  • I paid for my windows on the day but still received a bill that day or the day after ?

    Sometimes we may get paid out the back of the house but the bill has already been posted through the front door we will still have you marked off in our book Sometimes the bill gets stuck in the letterbox and dose not come through until the next day with the post your payment will still be marked off in our book.

  • Can I pay in advance ?

    Yes that is no problem

  • Can I change the frequency of my clean ?

    Yes no problem most of our work is done on a 2 weekly or 3 weekly cycle you can change to 4 weekly or 6 weekly but this incurs a slight price increase the more often you get them cleaned the cheaper we charge.

  • I want to recommend a friend

    Great we do a recommend a friend scheme For example if you recommend a friend and they come onto our run we will reward you with the value of their clean off your bill so if we price them at £10 and your usual price is £5 we will give you two free cleans.

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